Tips for buying ours bikinis online


Here are some tips from Babita Mia that can be useful when you are considering to buy a new bikini from our online shop company: 

Your Healthy first !

The most important think concerns your precious healty: our Collections are shipped directly from our Wharehouse, we don't sell to shops or mall or showrooms, it means  that our Bikinis are unworn, you 'll be the first to try them on ! this is the safest way ever to sell swimwear, there's no chance to find bacteria  on our items.Have you ever though about how many people in the fitting rooms have tryed on your last buy before you ? 

We offer different Styles to choose from so, once you find out yours, keep on checking by reading all the detailed specifications and look at the multiple images that show off the details.That's because we want you to know what you are buying.

Do you prefer choosing by materials? Every description in the product page shows off the fabric composition. Most of the Bikinis and Activewear are made from a combination of polyammide and elastane, the more elastane you find in it the more elastic it is. We use only italian light, soft and techno fabrics from the ultimate luxury range that enhance the silhuette without constrains. We are Sun conscious minded and we use UPF 50+LYCRA that provides you a physical UV protection not chemical,  it's breathable, pilling resistant, quick drying...for the perfect fitting !

Remember that Colors may differ in product images and in the Gallery slideshow because of the different kind of shooting and also may vary from one device, pc, phone to another, so double check them to avoid any disappointment later on !

Check our size carefully  in the Info Sizing guide that you always find in the Footer, Good to Know column and in every product page next to the Size choice button, in order to give you the more informations possible  we also help you by mentioning the models misurments and the size she is wearing in the picture, this could be very helpful !

Finally, we suggest you to relax and take your time by choosing the moment and the place you prefer to enjoy your shopping or your navigation on Babita Mia online shop !

If you need help Experience our Customer Service by e-mailing your questions to

If you love our Bikinis as we do and you think you could be the perfect Personal shopper, italian brand ambassador became an entrepreneur and start earning money today from your passion becoming a Babita Mia home vendor ! Go immediately to Good to Know column in the footer and click Work as Hostess, we are waiting for your e-mail !

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