Safe in the Sun

Safe in the Sun

Babita Mia is proud to offer a wide range of Bikinis, Sarong and Surfwear made of UPF50+ techno fabric (when mentioned)

Take precautions for you and your loved ones if you find yourself spending time exposed to sunlight. Cover the most delicate and exposed parts with breathable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and at the same time help you to stay fresh; in our Beachwear you find many proposals of light cover-ups in UPF50+ soft italian fabric or in silk-cotton and in the Accessories also Sarongs or Scarves are suitable for this purpose because made of UPF50+ fabric that helps you protecting your body from dangerous skin burns. In addition wear a hat or our SunScarf to cover the head, neck, ears from possible burns.

The high sun protection is very important for everyone, even if we expose ourselves to the sun for a short time and not too sunny days, remember that high temperatures are not the only indicator of the presence of dangerous UV rays.

Always remember to protect your eyes from UV rays with sunglasses and also let your children wear them.

If you want to get tanned or your children are playing while sitting in the direct sun, often rotated position so there won’t always be affected the same body areas and you will lower your risk of sunburn and remember to spread all body areas thoroughly including feet and ears with sunscreen.

Hydration during exposure is critical, just bring a bottle of water and drink frequently to help your body.

We advise you to involve your children in learning the safest way to be in the sun because it's easy and always possible if it becames part of your open air style of life:  protect yourself with sunscreen, wear cover-ups or sunscarf and  sunglasses, bring water and stay in the shade in the absolute middle of the day.


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