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All about Swimwear Love & Care !

It 's very important that you follow the washing instructions on the label in order to keep your swimsuit in perfect conditions as long as possible, for months and years.

A source of pride for our brand Babita Mia is the use of the stretch silky fabric in printed bikinis, it‘s a kind of gloss fabric that shines with the same delicacy of silk satin, very different from other swimwear on the market that do not have even remotely this refinement. Indulge yourself wearing Babita Mia beachwear that will guarantee a 50+ UV protection through the use of highly exclusive Italian techno fabrics, you will notice the uniqueness and exclusivity of our materials that make you feel at ease even when you skimpy clothing! Pay to your Babita Mia swimwear the same attention devoted to other exclusive items you have in your closet.

The instructions may vary depending on the material, but let me reveal some professional maintenance interventions : the most important thing that you can do after wearing your swimsuit Babita Mia is rinse it in fresh and cold water and squeeze it gently with a towel. This will help its durability. In fact, the excess water drying helps all contrasting applications, such as colored borders, in particular the color does not rub off leaving the rest of the bikini that could be realized in lighter colors of the border.

Salt water and chlorine content in the water of the swimming pools are very aggressive for most of the materials for this we suggest you rinse your bathing suit in cold water immediately after bath.

This rinsing and fast drying should be considered whether you' re in the water, but even if you only have been sunning, or you used the swimsuit as lingerie or for training.

The best choice of detergent for washing is a gentle cleanser, such as that used for silk or wool garments because it will help to neutralize any chemical residue that might remain on your swimsuit. You should absolutely avoid spotting or strong detergents because they cause a migration of color distortion causing sometimes even holes. Hand washing without rubbing is the safest because it doesn’t stress the fabric, but if you want to use the washing machine, it’s fine, just put your swimsuit Babita Mia in a laundry bag.

Whatever your  Babita Mia is, swimsuit or cover-ups, you will have to hang it to dry because the drying machine may be fatal !

Some delicate materials such as satin or silk, can not be soaked in hot water, but only cold water, also avoid the dryer or direct sunlight as this may cause damage. Detergents also are key, if too much chemical cause fading of two or three tones than the original, it’ll fade and became matt.

Never place your wet swimsuit in a closed plastic bag for hygiene reasons, and because this causes mold and speeds up every process of damage due to salt water or with high levels of chlorine.

You should wring out and dab on your swimsuit and then put it in any container or net bag that is breathable, so you will maintain color, shape and hygiene.

 Take a look at our Video you’ll find out some easy and quick tricks !

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